Pipe Ceremony and Feast


Drag the Red kicked their third season off in early July with a pipe ceremony and feast. Many community members and volunteers attended and it was a vibrant introduction to the group.


We gathered at the Circle of Life Thunderbird House and used chairs to form a circle in the centre. Elders Albert Mcleod and Carolyn Moar sat in the middle, and guided us through the evening. Carolyn began with a smudging ceremony and walked by each person in the circle. The Elders then lead us through a pipe and water ceremony.


Drag the Red co-founder Bernadette Smith, MLA Wab Kinew, and local advocate Michael Champagne were among the crowd. The ceremony ended with a prayer to bless the food. The Elders were fed first and then we all enjoyed a feast prepared by the Smith family.


Special acknowledgements were given to the Dilk family who also attended. Kevin Dilk has been missing since November 2016.