Personal Profile: Pam Pastetnik


While Pam Pastetnik was on maternity leave she was struggling with postpartum.


“There were days I considered taking my own life.”


Sitting at home one evening watching the news, Cooper Nemeth went missing and people were looking for him.


“It got me thinking, what about those kids who didn’t make the headlines, what happens if the search drags on and there are no answers found.”


Cooper Nemeth was found, with massive help from the media, volunteers and support. But what remains a mystery is the thousands of missing people whose families have not been allowed closure.


“What happens to these families who don’t have the support and these big communities behind them?”


As a woman dealing with postpartum, this all tied in. She thought, what would happen if she ended her life, what would happen to her family? What kind of support would her family receive.


Drag the Red isn’t so much for Pam about finding these people, as it is lending support to the families who are searching for closure. It is an organization that makes sure these families know someone is looking, that people care and that people are paying attention.


“I started participating in searches whenever I could.”


This past summer Pam started hosting weekly searches.


“I cannot think of a less glamorous thing than ground searching, you go through the muck, and the leaves up to your knees and you just look.”


This summer a family had called on Drag the Red to search a certain area, so the majority of Pam’s searchers revolved around that.


Getting involved with Drag the Red has been a positive part of Pam’s life.  This past summer she attended her first Sun Dance. She’s gotten to know new people in the community, but most importantly she has been able to lend support to the families who are searching for closure.