Ground Search

At the start of August, Amanda attended a ground search with Kim Kostiuk and Dar Myran for Drag the Red.


 Kim Kosiuk leading the ground search on the Red River banks.

Kim Kosiuk leading the ground search on the Red River banks.


We started behind the St. Boniface Hospital and worked our way over to The Forks and through the Exchange. We each wore gloves and pants to protect ourselves from the tall grass and trees.


Kim said she is constantly picking up garbage from the water and worries about its impact on the animals.




Lots of clothing was scattered along our walk and we made a point to inspect each piece we found. Kim told me that we were looking for rips, tears, and blood. Anything that would suggest a sign of struggle.




We also came across a few needles and several wrappers. Kim carried a backpack that contained her ground search kit. She had equipment to carry the needles and said that she gives them to Street Connections for disposal.




While we searched, Dar talked about the different plants that we came across. He pointed out this fireweed, and explained how it can be dried and braided to make rope.


We spent around 3 hours looking for clues or traces of the missing and murdered. One of our last spots was a memorial for Tina Fontaine. Kim sprinkled tobacco and Dar left candy that he had brought for her.